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  • Project Info

    2020 and 2021 are years to remember, nobody saw this coming. We are all hit by COVID-19 in a certain way. You might have lost somebody, got ill yourself, lost your job, tired of social distancing. We all experience this differently and we all need to cope with the consequences.

    Curaçao keeps the situation under control, we feel very blessed, but due to the previous lockdowns and current travel restrictions Curaçao got hit very hard economically. We are a small Island in the Caribbean situated next to Aruba and about 65 KM / 40 Miles North of the Venezuelan coast. Our Island is depending on Tourism and the travel restriction during COVID-19 makes our economy very challenging. We miss seeing all the tourist from the Cruise Ships in our beautiful capital Willemstad, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Our borders are open with restrictions, you can imagine that this will not provide enough income for all the companies depending on tourism… That is why we all need to be creative to stay afloat. And creativeness is part of our DNA!

    So Serena and her team came up with a Crowdfunding that will help us all! We want to create a VERY BIG 2 x 2 meter Chichi® and paint her live with the postcard of Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA) Attraction Task Force. All illustrations (and more) of this postcard will be painted on this BIG Chichi®. People can buy/sponsor the illustrations for 1 naf (€0,50 Euro cent / 0.60 USD$ cent) per cm2.

    With our crowdfunding project we are looking for sponsors that are willing to make a social contribution. Our goal with the collected funds is to get all our painters back on board, to empower them again with extra income.

    This is the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA) postcard created by the CHATA Task force members (Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Landhuis Chobolobo, Curaçao Hato Cave & Chichi Curaçao.

    This postcard is used as inspiration to paint on the XXXL Chichi. All these attractions and more shown on this postcard will be painted on the XXXL Chichi. 

    Our plan is to live paint the illustrations that are sold at different locations in Curaçao. Chichi® will travel to 10 – 15 places while getting painted. At each location she will be showcased 3/4 weeks. One day a week we will live paint at the different locations for you to see.

    During the painting sessions and while traveling around Curacao, she will create awareness of what Curacao has to offer. And that is a lot more than sun, sea & sand.

    When this XXXL Chichi is finished Serena will donate her to Willemstad for at least 3 years. This way we can attract more people to our City center for an unique photo opportunity and as well make tourists and locals aware of the “Curacao Things To Do”.

    How will it work?

    Everybody can buy an illustration of their choice from the postcard, think of a palm tree, flamingo, diver, tropical flower etc. But you can also choose an illustration of an attraction like a museum, the Hato Cave, Mambo BLVD or even Klein Curacao! We offer the illustrations for 1 naf per cm² (0,50 cent EURO / 0.60 cent USD$). The bigger the illustration, the bigger your support to us, to Curacao and to all the people that love Art ♡

    If you even want to play bigger than that, with your company or with a group of family and friends, we offer body parts of this Chichi® as well; you could be the head of this Art Piece!

    What will we offer in return?

    • Live painting sessions at different locations. See your illustration get painted on this BIG Chichi®, if you cannot be present that day you can follow it on a live stream
    • Cut-out Billboard next to this XXXL Sculpture where we will thank all supporters, with logo and/or name (see image on the left)
    • This piece of Art will be placed in the city center of Willemstad; Wilhelmina Park in Punda. Locals and tourist will all see it and for sure will make pictures to share on social media. We expect that it will become an attraction, like the CURACAO & DUSHI letters just nearby.
    • Your name and/or company logo will be mentioned on the credit page of this fundraising website
    • We maintain your piece of Art for at least the upcoming three years
    • Together we will show the world what Curaçao has to offer. We believe that this sculpture will travel the world over Social Media.

    What will happen with the collected funds?

    We need to stay creative to keep our company afloat, we do miss 80% of our regular clients due to COVID-19. We feel very blessed that our government is supporting us with 60% funds for the salaries of our staff working at Serena’s Art Factory. But you can imagine we need more to keep our painters painting.

    Chichi Sculpture & Painters18.750
    Administration / Office costs1.750
    Crowd Funding Website1.750
    Online Artwork1.000
    ‘Thank you’ Billboard1.250
    Raffle prizes750
     Total funds needed€ 27.750

    Thank you!

    A special thank you to people believing in this project and helping us setting this up:

    Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association; for the use of the Curaçao attraction postcard and the believe in us we can make this happen.

    For setting up this crowdfunding website.

    Paul Piper – our illustrator

    For her final location in Willemstad, Punda

    YOU – for considering buying an image